In 2013, Millennial Properties was the brainchild development by several Millennials searching for Real Estate Investments, Property Managers, Realtors and Rehabbers that understood the needs of the future. The traditional way of Real Estate had been ruined by the 2008 Housing Crash and no one wanted to clean up the mess.

Millennial Properties was created to discover new innovative real estate investment techniques that will change the face of this business. From acquiring foreclosures, managing income properties, small and large home renovations to revitalizing eye sore homes in established communities to resell…we are doing it.

We at Millennial Properties envision a world where everyone understands the basic principles and the importance of Real Estate in order to match your chosen quality of life. Without the proper real estate education, one stands to make the same mistakes our predecessors made in the past. We want to eliminate the hassle of mining through disorganized Realtors, bad contractors, time consuming procedures, unrealistic budgeting and unknown neighborhood sales/ rental data unbeknownst to the average buyer.

Millennial Properties goes beyond your traditional real estate company by providing services to clients beyond the closing table. We offer investor’s property management services and homeowner’s renovation assistance. There is no need to look any further than Millennial Properties for your real estate needs.

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